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The Many Benefits of Window Film

Window film is a flexible and affordable solution for sprucing up any size window. It can serve to keep the great outdoors out or divide up areas within a workspace. Adhesive frosted glass and window privacy film products can instantly transform interior spaces while providing a number of features that add aesthetic value and comfort. And as window film technology advances, the return on value gets greater.

Window film is a thin plastic or polymer laminate that is applied with adhesive. The most popular types include:

  • frosted glass, which obscures visibility without blocking out the light
  • solar film, which is designed to block UV rays from the sun
  • colored window film, which creates an aesthetic color-blocking effect
  • photo-printed window film, which can do double duty as a marketing element

The versatility of this product is remarkable. Window film is pliable and can even be cut into custom shapes, including logos, to add a decorative touch. Some products have textured surfaces which add dimensionality and refract light in an interesting way.

Replacing windows is a huge expense. Adding a professionally designed and installed window film may be all that’s required.

Not Just for Privacy

Aside from adding a touch of elegance to privacy retrofitting, window film can fulfill other important functions. Used strategically, it can block unsightly views. There is no need to apply it to the entire window if only a portion of the view is unappealing.

The privacy adhesive films give windows that are accessible to ground-level exteriors is obvious. They can also offer added safety and protection from broken glass from flying around if a break-in or storm occurs. Shaped window films, vinyl decals, and other applied configurations can serve as bird distractions for windows that interrupt flight paths.

Environmental Applications

Technology is amazing. Some window films now come with UV-blocking properties that can save you, your customers and clients, and the contents of your workspace from direct sunlight. They can do it without necessarily being reflective or dark. According to the International Window Film Association, solar films can “block up to 80% of the sun’s heat.” In buildings with multiple windows, solar window film can add a level of comfort that will also decrease monthly cooling bills.

The future for environmental window film applications is looking bright. Manufacturers are experimenting with innovations such as embedded photovoltaics and adjustable tinting. Currently, some state and utility programs already offer rebates for heat-mitigating window films.

Window Film Options at Jacksonville Signs & Graphics

Book a free consultation with our specialists to learn more about how frosted glass film and window privacy film can add comfort and value to your place of business. Whether you need solar control, have privacy concerns, or are considering the advantages of marketing window vinyl and films, we have market-leading and custom solutions for you. Ask about our in-house custom design and printing and professional installation services.

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