5 Things to Consider Before Investing in Monument Signs

Business Monument Signage in Jacksonville, FL

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Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business. If you don’t establish your presence and build awareness in the minds of customers, success will be hard to come by. For building presence locally, monument signs are hard to beat. Large and with imposing presence, these signs really help a business stamp its authority on the area and build brand awareness. No wonder hospitals, engineering firms, sports venues, commercial parks and other businesses invest in custom monument signs.

If you are thinking of getting a similar sign for your business, make sure you keep these five things in mind:


Monument sign design can be personalized according to your preferences. Signs can be mounted directly on the ground or be slightly raised; they can incorporate changeable lettering; and even be cut into unique shapes. However, the simpler the design is the easier it will be for people to read. Remember these signs are targeted mostly at vehicular traffic and people in fast-moving vehicles will not be able to read a detailed/intricate sign.

Also focus on colors, lighting (more on that later) and size of the sign. Color combinations and size have a particularly big impact on legibility during the day.


Location, location, location…the placement of the sign will determine the worth of your investment. A custom monument sign is essentially an extension of your business, which is why it must serve a dual purpose of branding as well as guiding people to your front door. Installing the sign by a busy street where the possibility of people seeing it is highest is a good place to start. Make sure it is not obscured by other signage (like Stop signs) or shrubbery, or at risk of being vandalized.

Lighting a monument sign

LED lighting has revolutionized signage illumination in a big way. LEDs are inexpensive, reliable, extremely energy efficient and easy to conceal. A properly illuminated sign will increase your visibility during the evening and nighttime hours. So inexpensive is it to light a sign, today, that business owners even leave their sign illuminated all day.

Material choice

Outdoor signage needs to be durable enough to bear the heat, humidity and rainfall that Jacksonville sees all year round. Choose from materials such as aluminum and acrylic for your sign. We can recreate any type of finish (such as wood or stone) using these lightweight and durable materials. Material choice will affect the look and feel of the sign.


Discuss your monument sign design and trim preferences with your sign designer as you go along. Things like size, lighting, raised signage, changeable lettering and materials will affect the price of the sign. At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics, we walk customers through options and prices transparently so you are able to respect your budget.

Talk to us about designing and installing a monument sign at your business.

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