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5 Design Tips to Create Impactful Outdoor Banners

Custom vinyl banner in Jacksonville, FL

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Advertising outdoors is a great opportunity as well as a task requiring careful planning. After all, you are competing for impressions with hundreds if not thousands of other businesses looking to promote themselves the same way. That’s where well-designed signage can really help differentiate yourself, drive engagement numbers, and deliver the kind of return on investment you are looking for.

Stop looking for the slam dunk! Great custom banners speak to audiences subtly but persistently.

Too many business owners get hung up on the ‘perfect’ formula for their outdoor promotions, when getting the basics right would be the right way to do things. In this article, we are looking at 5 fundamental design elements that need to be considered in banner design. Get these right and you are sure to get custom banners that look great and attract your target customer.

Tips for designing impactful outdoor banners for Jacksonville

Messaging: The messaging is the most important aspect of any banner. It has to be clear, concise and actionable. Your intention should be condensed into no more than five or six words – remember custom vinyl banners are advertising designed to generate leads, not to make a sale. Also, make sure you choose a reputable banner printing shop in Jacksonville, FL so your banners come out looking pin sharp.

Call-to-action: “Call today!” and “Up to 40% off” are great examples of simple calls-to-action that drive engagement. A banner should have a clear, accessible CTA. Nowadays many businesses choose to include their social handles too, which is a great way of intertwining physical and digital advertising.

Colors: Color choice affects the effectiveness, legibility and visibility of the banner. Make sure your colors convey energy and urgency, which matching the business’s branding. If banners are being installed at multiple locations, consider varying color combinations or neutral shades that work everywhere.

Graphics: Decorative elements like frames and images are commonplace on banners but too often we see banners with small, intricate details that cannot be seen from a distance. Graphics tend to add visual clutter and are not discernable from a distance, so keep graphics simple, unless your passers-by will see your banners from up close (like through a store window).

Fonts: Cursive and stylized fonts are a natural draw for many but beware! Cursive fonts look great to the designer on a computer screen, but they make for a very difficult to read the sign. Ask yourself, “Will someone walking be able to read and understand the banner in two seconds?” Clear, sharp fonts are far more legible.

One more thing… refreshing your banners

Banners are considered ‘temporary’ signage imparting current information. That’s why people pay more attention to them than they do to static long term signs like billboards. Make the best use of that power by routinely refreshing your custom vinyl banners. It is a great way to maintain interest in the brand.

Affordable Custom Banners in Jacksonville, FL

Looking for a sign company that can design, print, and install your banners? You have come to the right banner printing shop! At Jacksonville Signs and Graphics we work with businesses from all industries, including retail, commercial services, healthcare, education and event marketing for their outdoor signage needs. Call or write to us to discuss your requirements and get a quote – all for free.

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